We have multiple of the following pre-owned cars in stock! You can add various accessories or customization to any of them. See below some of the ways we can modify these cars. If the car you like is not on our lot today, we can replicate it. 
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REF ID 20119-2 (Patriot Blue)
2018, 14'' wheels

REF ID 253
Great for security (all black), 6'' lift kit, brush guard, enclosure, fan, security lights
REF ID 256
Great for security, brush guard, lifted, mud flaps, stobe light, seat belts
​​​​​​​REF ID 201-2
14'' wheels 
​​​​​​​REF ID 20117-2
Lithium battery, 10'' wheel, head/tail lights
REF ID 20116-10 (Steel Blue)
14'' wheels

​​​​​​​REF ID 20117-4
Lithium battery, 14'' wheel, custom seats
REF ID 20116-11
14'' wheels, custom seats
​​​​​​​REF ID 20117-3
Lithium battery, 10'' wheel, head/tail lights

2018 RXV Elite (Bright White) 
REF ID 228

REF ID 222-2
4 passenger, 12'' wheels

​​​​​​​REF ID 20117-1
Samsung lithium battery, lights and color changes available 
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​​​​​​​RED 20115-1
Stock seats & wheels

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​REF ID 221
Can be customed or accessories anyway you like

​​​​​​​REF ID 229

2009 Club Car (Precedent White)
REF ID 250
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2016 STAR EV 2+2 
REF ID 254
Bluetooth speakers, 14'' wheels, Street Legal​​​​​​​
REF ID 201- 1- 5366690
4 passanger, lifted

2019 E-Z-GO RXV Elite 2+2
REF ID 255
Lithium battery, long top, 14'' chrome wheels, Sreet Legal
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2016 E-Z-GO RXV
​​​​​​​REF ID 205
Lifted  ​​​​​​​

2016 E-Z-GO RXV
REF ID 258
Electric Blue, Street Legal
4 passanger, lifted
​​​​​​​REF ID 20114-5
14'' wheels, 6'' lift kit,
4 passanger 
​​​​​​​REF ID 203- 3247979
3'' lift kit, 4 passenger, long top, street legal  
REF ID 222
REF ID 201-9
14'' black wheels, 2-tone seats,
4 passanger 
REF ID 213
4 passenger
REF ID 201-7
4 passenger, stock white seats

REF ID 235
​​​​​​​4 passenger, lights
REF ID 20119-1
Samsung lithium battery (no water, faster charge time, 10 year shelf life), 4 passenger flip seat, extended top ​​​​​​​
REF ID 208
4 passenger, led head/ tail lights
REF ID 212
4 passenger
We can add a utility box to any of our pre-owned cars. Available boxed include: Steel, Aluminium, Plastic Dump Box

2016 ​​​​​Cushman Hauler 
REF ID 241
Gas or electric
REF ID 238-G
Manual aluminium dump box, lights, brush guard, 1200 gas - 13.5HP Kawasaki motor

REF ID 239
Manual aluminium dump box, lights, brush guard
​​​​​​​REF ID 234
Steel utility box

REF ID 222-3
Cargo box, lights
6 passenger
​​​​​​​REF ID 225
Manual dump box; this box can be installed on any TXT gas or electric
**Price varies based on year of car

​​​​​​​​​​​​REF ID 243 - 3135900
6 passenger

REF ID 242 
(White, also available in Green)
8 passanger, turn signals