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By combining arobust 28-hp EFI gas engine with user-selectable 4WD and a 100-mile range, the Hauler 4x4 is armed to take on any task, anywhere. An industry-leading 800-lb cargo capacity can haul the heaviest loads, white 4-wheel independent suspension gives you a smooth ride no matter where the day takes you.

Cushman Hauler 800

Fully loaded and ready to work.

The name says it all. This rugged work vehicle earns its keep with get-it-done versatility...ideal for moving equipment and materials around any plant or jobsite. Fill it up and get after it with the Cushman® Hauler™.Gas or electric drivetrain models

Cushman Hauler 800X

The Hauler 800X pairs a 5.9 cubic-foot cargo bed and bench seating for two with a lifted suspension and trail tires that take on bumps and ruts without breaking a sweat. Standard features include 13hp Kawasaki gas-powered rngine, front brush guard, headlights, horn, and cup holders.
Higher ground clearance

Cushman Hauler 1200

Energy efficient solution for moving people and equipment. Powered by 13hp Kawasaki motor, features a 9.6 cubic-foot cargo bed, bench seating for two and a total capacity of 1,000 pounds. Standard features include a front brush guard, headlights and cup holders.
Cushman Hauler 1200X

Energy efficient solution for moving people and equipment. Powered 13.5 HP  Kawasaki motor, features a 9.6 cubic-foot cargo bed, bench seating for two, higher ground clearance, heavy duty roto-molded cargo box. Standard features include a front brush guard, headlights and cup holders.


With a 72-volt electric drivetrain, the Hauler PRO brings advanced AC power to your jobsite that is 25 percent more efficient than DC options. A 1,000-lb load capacity, 9.5-cu-ft cargo bed and optional limited slip differential means the Hauler PRO shows up to work in any conditions.

The Refresher® FS2™

The Refresher FS2 with FlexServe Technology is a true extension of your course’s clubhouse, featuring 14 cubic feet of merchandising space. With an innovative design that offers the flexibility to change modules to meet the merchandising needs of the day, week or occasion, your customers can buy more variety and contribute to higher sales.

The Refresher® FS4™

The Refresher® FS4™ was developed to complement your business by bolstering sales through unique merchandising opportunities. With over 21 cubic feet of merchandising space, fully accessible beverage drawers, versatile end cap and FlexServe™ Technology the Refresher FS4 was designed for the unique characteristics of your course. A host of options that include a keg module, food warmer and color options are also available.


The LSV 800 gives your facility the street-legal design and the muscle needed to get the job done. With a powerful 48-volt electric AC drivetrain, exclusive regenerative braking system, and 800-lb total vehicle capacity, it's prepared to move your crew and equipment wherever they need to be.


With room for two and an extra-long cargo deck, the Shuttle 2 is made for transporting your people and equipment in reliable comfort and style, with year after year of trouble-free service. When you're on the move, a Cushman® delivers. 1200lb Capacity

Cushman Shuttle 4

The Shuttle 4 is the ideal choice for
transporting staff and guests, as well as a
full capacity up to 1,200 lb. An optional
canopy top and an enclosed stakeside
cargo bed keep passengers and their gear
comfortably sheltered when on the move.


The Cushman Shuttle 2+2 is the ideal choice for transporting personnel and visitors around a plant, resort, or the jobsite. Comfortably seating up to four passengers with generous bench seating, the rear seat will also convert to a cargo space. The Shuttle 2+2 is offered in your choice of a fuel-efficient 13.5-hp Kawasaki gas-powered engine, or 48-volt electric power drivetrain.

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Cushman Shuttle 6

The Cushman Shuttle 6 is the go-to vehicle for moving people. It combines four forward-facing seats and a rear facing seat bench to transport up to six people quickly and comfortably. The Shuttle 6 is a 48-volt electric drive train, or 13.5 HP Kawasaki engine, with headlights, front brush guard and rear safety bar.


With the Shuttle 8, a sizeable group isn’t a problem— it’s a party. Keep your crowds satisfied by transporting up to 8 people around your resort or facility with generous bench seating and a 1,600-lb capacity.


With its massive payload and big-time towing capacity, the Titan XD is top dog. It's unmatched in power and overall performance, easily transporting thousands of pounds of material at once.